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  • Astrology is closely related to planet and stars. A few people believe in this philosophy and few don’t. And the few who believe, don’t know how these affect us. Now the question arises what is belief..
  • To understand this one need to have clear concept of what is ENERGY Energy is the master of the whole universe. According to Indian epic GITA lord Krishna explained ARJUN that he can’t be destroyed nor created. The similar way the modern science defines energy in the same way.” energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” By this we infer that energy is GOD because energy is content in each and every thing and their destruction will lead to release of energy.
  • Thus energy is immortal like GOD. As we all know that two major form of energy are light and sound. We can consider the whole universe as a system just like human body for example when person’s part of the body is injured. The whole body will feel the agony. But the body parts nearer to the injured part will feel the most. The similar way every thing happening in the world will have effect in whole universe with the effect firmer at it nearest in surroundings. All the transformation of energy from one form to another will undergo certain process and to this law not even the incarnations of the lord are an exception.
  • As started before every happening in the universe has a greater impact on its nearest surrounding. Therefore the solar system which we are in effects us the most. Especially the moon closest heavenly body to the earth has a greater impact on the earth and the people living on it. For example tidings are caused due to gravitational force exerted by the moon on the earth. Modern science studied a lot about the universe but still not very much clear about it. But the branch of science which has vividly explained about all these things lot before.
  • For example, every thing known now about the universe the modern science discussed clearly by the vedic astrologers much before the birth of modern science. And this is the only science which will be forever and very soon all the scientist will move towards it.
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“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul." .
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